Andy Zimmerman has spent 25 years developing products and brands, building and selling companies and cultivating a wide network of experts and influencers - all of which he leverages on projects for Velocity Product Development.Your entrepreneurial drive and product ideas will find enthusiastic support at Velocity Product Development. Zimmerman's own dresire to create and build a company drew him away from a successful and secure position in the family furniture business while still in his 20s. In less than ten years he grew Wilderness Systems Kayaks from a garage operation to a multi-million-dollar brand receognized as the leader in innovation. Before his exit, Zimmerman helped orchestrate the company's acquisition of Mad River Canoe and WaveSport to create Confluence Watersports, today's leading paddlesports company.Over the past ten years, several ventures - including sizeable real estate developments, another outdoor sports company launch, Legacy Paddlesports, and the creation of a new watersports brand, Cloud10 Gear - have added to Zimmerman's body of experience, knowledge base and his network of experts and influencers.This deep arsenal of talent and resources support all projects at Velocity Product Development. We welcome inquiries from individuals and companies who wish to develop a new product, brand or rebrand a product, or who seek counsel on patents and patent protection for their product idea.



 Rick Jones has spent 32 years in the watersports field working through all phases of design, prototypes, production implementation and manufacturing of kayaks, canoes, sailboats and fishing craft.  Woodworking, metalworking, advanced composite construction and material sourcing are his strong suits. Rick’s knowledge has help bring to market a lot of the products you see on the water.  Starting work in the 80s with Wilderness Systems and stayed through 2002 helping shape a company to become Confluence Watersports.  Rick was instrumental in the latest design of the Blue Sky Boatworks 360 catamaran pedal boat and related accessories.